Burnout sculptural vessels by Héctor Esrawe, Emiliano Godoy, and Brian Thoreen, are a formal study of entropy as expressed through sequential degradation of a wood mold by the glass blowing process. Artisans repeatedly blow molten glass into a plywood mold allowing it to ignite with each form they create. The change in shape that results from burning the mold leaves a unique pattern on each hand-blown piece. 

“In a way, glass making is an invisible process because the finished objects are often completely aesthetically distant from the forces that contributed to its creation. With Burnout, we wanted to design a piece that could retain and reveal the glass-making process through its form, long after the glass itself is cooled. Vissio is all about collaboration, so we wanted to incorporate the hand of the artisans as well as the experience of glass making into the final piece.” Esrawe, Godoy, & Thoreen