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Burnout hinges on a formal exploration of the effects of entropy. Casting series of pieces from a single plywood mold, each hand-blown piece registers the unique burn pattern of the mold by the molten glass.

Functioning a bit like a game of chance, in these works the designers set the “rules” of the piece and lets convection determine the evolution of the final shapes.

The experimental and highly delicate process by which the pieces are made means each set is unique both in form and number of works in each series. The shape of each piece captures the ambient conditions present at the moment of casting and means that no piece can ever be exactly replicated.

Limited edition works from the Burnout series are available individually or as a collector’s edition which includes the entire set, the original mold, and a series of process documentation photos.


01 – The mold, made of radiating wood fins, is ready for the initial vessel in the series to be blown.

02 – Liquid glass on the end of a cane is placed in the center of the mold. The heat of the liquid glass begins to cause the mold to smoke after just seconds. 

03 – Nouvel artisans blow the liquid glass into the mold, until the mold ignites and gives the glass it’s shape.

04 – After the pieces is blown, the mold is opened to remove the piece. It will then be fire polished and placed in large ovens to cool for hours. Many of the resulting pieces are so fragile they break in this cooling process.

Each piece that is blown ignites the mold and changes its shape, making every work in the series.

05 – A view of a finished piece fresh out of the cooling oven. unique and impossible to replicate.

06 – The process is repeated until the mold is destroyed.