The new works in the Apricot Dream series can be thought of as formal compositions of reflection and refraction based around a celebration of juxtaposition of surfaces. These pieces emphasize the beauty of the materials through geometric arrangements.

While functional as vessels, it’s the interplay of light—illuminating creamy matte apricot onyx, bouncing off polished stone and glinting off the apricot glass that is responsible for the pieces’ dreamy aura.

The apricot onyx pieces are hand carved and the glass is produced by Nouvel’s expert artisan glass team. Due to natural variations in the stone and the chance inherit to the artisanal glass blowing process, each piece develops a unique character.

“Each piece gives birth to new ideas and so if you use the idea of language it’s like wordplay, like a continuous game. That’s what’s nice about this process because you start to compile ideas, they come easily and there’s an abundance of them that we haven’t had time to explore yet. So, [the pervious series] Bedrock was a starting point but these new pieces are different in their own way.” says Esrawe.

Works in the Apricot Dream series are limited to an edition of 10 plus two factory proofs.
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