Precarious Collection at MASA

Curated by Suzanne Wu

“Collective/Collectible” the inaugural exhibition from MASA, gathers contemporary design by artists, designers and architects whose work challenges hierarchies of function and expression. That these artists all reside in Mexico is not incidental to the exhibition, for MASA is a design project founded and based in Mexico City. But in their collective presentation, we ask what shared desires inform the designation of a place, and how might the structures that define this be separated from the structures of the state, which can impart citizenship but not a sense of belonging?

Appearances, after all, are an identity we develop not only of our own efforts. This is as true for the taxonomies that separate design and art, as it is for the people creating the work. Without diminishing the vestiges of conquest and genocide, how are conversations around indigeneity complicated when migration is no longer largely the purview of those who would seek to extract resources or violently displace; when movement is not only an act of erasure, but sometimes a desperate one, or one of ambition? What does it mean to be “from somewhere,” and for MASA to present an exhibition of work made in Mexico?