VISSIO is a platform for unlimited experimentation.

VISSIO is a collaboration between designers, artists, and architects with Nouvel Studio artisans to realize unique and limited-edition pieces that shatter boundaries between art and design.

VISSIO pieces reinterpret glass to challenge and ignite the relationship between concept, form and utility – beautifully.

In 1994, NOUVEL STUDIO originates and evolves as an artistic workshop dedicated to experimentation and development in glass. Our commitment to good design has led us to international projection and to display our pieces at fairs and exhibitions worldwide. We are constantly working with an elite team of designers to take the traditional processes of highly skilled craftsmen to incredible limits that only a factory that alternates between manual and automatic production can provide.

The secret of NOUVEL STUDIO is the mix in precise proportions of design, craftsmanship, and technique. Our projects are based on the exploration of new creative frontiers, in a synthesis of tradition and innovation, design and functionality.